A worshipping people transformed by the peace of God in Christ seeking to be faithful stewards of the Kingdom of God.


"A worshiping people..."


As those marked out by God, we see ourselves as those who come together in worship to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ

The Word

The knowledge of salvation and transformation begins with an apprehension of God’s Holy Love, most clearly heard and seen through the proclamation of the Bible. So we submit ourselves to the Bible’s “four-chapter story” as our rule for faith and life.


Having received from the Divine generosity of Triune Love overflowing in Christ, we overflow with our time, treasures, talents and charitable spirits to the world, with the love of the Father, the Son and the Spirit. Our generosity is first and foremost an act of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord who loved us and gave himself for us (Gal. 2:20).


"...transformed by the peace of God in Christ..."

Sacramental Life

We regularly observe and experience the Sacraments during Sunday worship, seen through the rites of Baptism and the Eucharist. Since God is the creator of all things, in ways similar to his use of water, bread, and wine, through the Holy Spirit He opens our eyes to the gospel through everyday moments.

The Holy Spirit

Living by the Spirit, we use our Spirit-given gifts for the building up of the church and the benefit of the broader community of Vancouver.

Prayerful Presence

We seek to live as a prayerful presence interceding for our neighbourhoods, asking God to bring about the salvation and transformation of our homes, neighbourhoods and networks of influence.


"...seeking to be faithful stewards of the Kingdom of God."

Covenantal Commitments

Indispensible to our salvation is the Body of Christ; when we come to Christ, we are saved from the curse of our rebellion against God and into a family called the Church. So we make promises to one another to uphold, support and love one another.

Priestly Work

We see all of life as calling (“vocatio” in Latin); therefore, every form of work given by God holds the potential to be a meaningful participation with the mission of God (mission Dei) in the world. Not only the “spiritual workers,” but also the “butchers, the bakers and the candlestick makers” matter to the Kingdom of God, are called to serve neighbours and to work towards compassion and justice in the world.  

Proclamation (of the Good News of the Kingdom)

The central message of the Bible is that Christ has died on the Cross, has risen from the dead, is now reigning as King and will come again in glory. The Gospel of the Kingdom is a message that promises His rule extend to not only our lives, but to Vancouver, Canada and the world.