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  • current sermon series

    Our sermon series is taking us through the book of Daniel, full description below. Please also check out this helpful video link outlining Daniel. We look forward to seeing you at our Sunday 10am service!


    "We live in an increasingly global society, where we are more tied together economically and technologically than ever before. And yet, the world remains fractured with conflict, division and the struggle for power and dominion. The bible says that there is a reason for this, that there is a spiritual war behind all of our strife, that in spite of all of our advances, apart from God we will never become the people we know in our hearts we should be and our world will never become the place we desire it to become. This is why Jesus Christ came into the world, to take it back from the kingdom of darkness that grips every human heart, this is why the Scriptures call Jesus "King of Kings and Lord or Lords". He is the head of God's kingdom, a kingdom that is even now breaking forth like a new day. The Book of Daniel is a tale of these two kingdoms, and of our place in them." 

  • gifts of grace for serving the kingdom

    As we continue in our sermon series theme on “spiritual gifts,” GVC service volunteer opportunity cards are now available (contact us at for a copy). Please prayerfully review and consider our areas of service, then fill the card out and return to GVC staff via email or our front desk.